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RD Mars


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RD Mars
RD Mars

Are you willing to bleed for your craft? How much of your life do you owe to the greater good? And what does that lead you to?

RD Mars is a top-down shooter with a focus on narrative. It follows an AI named Mars exploring the laboratory of its creator. Its creator, Felix Darwins, was a man of extreme passion, with a desire to see progress for mankind. Explore the laboratory, and learn of his rise and downfall.


RD Mars analyzes the pitfalls of this inventor’s mind while you explore both the lab, but also Mars himself.

Content warning for epilepsy, motion sickness, or those sensitive to issues relating to mental health.

Key Fetures:

  • A strong, character-driven story that explores the human condition.
  • A unique parry-based combat loop with a focus on the fluidity of play.
  • Mystery and intrigue that drives players to uncover the secrets of this world.

RD Mars

RD Mars


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