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Escapeworld Dilemma


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Escapeworld Dilemma
Escapeworld Dilemma

Player Reviews

“The awesomeness of this game completely shocked me. Based on the bland title and screenshots, it looked like just another bad indie puzzle game that I would either quit out of boredom or frustration. I was NOT expecting the best puzzle game I played since the Talos Principle and one of the best Myst-like games ever made. Truly a hidden gem.” -wintersofi

“Nicely done! In my continuous quest to find games like Quern, Obduction, and of course the Myst series, I stumbled upon this gem the day it was released.” – Snoop Bob

“I would definitely recommend the game to others. Particularly those who enjoyed Myst, Rhem and The Witness. Looking forward to more from this developer.” – robertwholmes

“This is a really good adventure puzzle game. The environment is very large spanning multiple islands with different geographies and themes, from high desert to the depths of a coal mine.” – mitchell_the_first

The Game

How did you end up at Escapeworld? Without your consent, you were snatched from your every day life. Basically, kidnapped. Teleported to Escapeworld. Now you are standing, alone, in a theme-park-sized “Escape Room” that looks like it was supposed to be a puzzle and exploration resort for paying guests. How do you escape these puzzle islands and get back to your world?

That will be no simple matter. But one thing is clear – something has gone badly wrong at Escapeworld. It is up to you to not only escape, but to see if you can fix Escapeworld. Others are counting on you to make the right choice to resolve the dilemma you face.

Escapeworld Dilemma is an Indie-developed single-player walk around puzzle and exploration game. Of the Escape Room genre, the game takes place in a large, open theme park like world with 12 differently themed islands to explore, many different puzzles to solve, many challenges to overcome, and most importantly, a choice you must make to resolve the dilemma you face.

Escapeworld Dilemma

Escapeworld Dilemma


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