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Grub Gauntlet


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Grub Gauntlet
Grub Gauntlet

Grub Gauntlet is a playful physics-based puzzle game. Use bombs, portals, gravity wells, and more to make your way around walls, past spikes, through gates all to get to your much-deserved lunch! Bounce against walls, release balloons, flip levers, open doors anything and everything that it takes to find your lunch! 14 game elements and counting!

Play dozens of increasingly complex and chaotic built-in levels OR use the level designer and the Steam Workshop to build and download more custom levels!

Workshop Integration

Unleash your creativity with the Level Designer and share your work on the Steam Workshop!

Follow the Development!

GG is the product of the Game Maker’s Toolkit 2020 Game Jam and is still in active development. You can follow along on the OWS Youtube channel (link on the right) OR come over to the OWS Discord and take a look at the #dev-log channel. I’ll also be giving away a few free keys with each video 😉

Grub Gauntlet

Grub Gauntlet


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