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Red Tether features explosive top-down space action with a unique “indirect combat” system. You’ll face large space fleets while being armed with nothing but tether-harpoons and your wits.

Key Fetures:

  • Fight tether-based space battles that revolves entirely around linking yourself with opponents or them with each other.
  • Crash vessels into another using contracting tethers.
  • Rip off enemy weapons and attachments with well placed harpoons.
  • Outmaneuver the fleet by graple-swinging around objects.
  • Use your ship as a battering ram by slamming yourself into the opposition.
  • Experience fresh “combat-puzzle” gameplay that requires split-second tactical decisions amid fast paced action.
  • Learn to counter various fleet elements, including attack ships, support crafts and logistic units.
  • Fight through 50+ pre-made waves, or face randomly generated fleets in endless mode.
  • Clash with 16+ massive boss enemies and turn them into screen-filling explosions.
  • Dodge clearly telegraphed enemy attacks and potentially turn them against your opponents.




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