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Robot Labs: Remake


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Robot Labs: Remake
Robot Labs: Remake

Robot Labs: Remake is a sensational remake in very narrow circles of the game. A deep story-driven adventure platformer set in 3D space. You are a robot that you created for passing tests in an abandoned laboratory. Jump, run, launch cubes into other robots and pass all the tests and prove to everyone that you are not done with a finger.

Gameplay: You are given a device for moving objects in space with which you will need to move objects. Your task is to jump on different platforms, press different buttons to pass different tests. You can also make fateful decisions and defeat bosses using your device for moving objects in space.

-Beautiful graphics

-Sound by professional actors

-Lots of challenges

-Intriguing plot

-Physics of cubes

-Buttons of different types

Test your nerves for strength and defeat all who need to be defeated!

Robot Labs: Remake

Robot Labs: Remake


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