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Yugo Puzzle


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Yugo Puzzle
Yugo Puzzle

Yugo Puzzle is a simple 2D puzzle game involving jelly blocks. Drag the jellies to make them jump left and right. When two jellies of the same color touch, they combine into one. Once you join all jellies of the same color, you unlock the next level.

Despite the simple ruleset, it is a very challenging game. At first, you may think it’s impossible. But as you go through trial and error, you will gradually find your way, and at a certain moment, you will suddenly figure out the solution. The feeling of exhilaration at that moment is great.

You may be surprised at how difficult the game is at first, but you will get used to it as the game progresses. Enjoy a variety of unique and intriguing puzzles.

You can go deep in thought and enjoy it alone, or you can discuss the levels with your friends.

Key Fetures:

  • Dark mode and color custom settings supported
  • Turn the jelly face display on/off
  • Minimal graphics and simple levels to let you focus on the game
  • Bouncy jelly blocks (which is a key element of the gameplay)

Yugo Puzzle

Yugo Puzzle


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