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FiberTales: DummyKart


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FiberTales: DummyKart
FiberTales: DummyKart

About The Game

FiberTales Is a Series of stories happening in the Fabric world owned by one of the biggest Artificial Intelligence Companies called “Fiber.AI”, this company designed dummies to host the Ai agent while the process of machine learning training, making them naturally go through a lot of learning challenges to gain a lot of skill to replace human in daily repetitive tasks to make a safe sustainable future for all humanity.

FiberTales: DummyKart

DummyKart is a mini action Kart Racing game in which you can control one of the Dummies, while racing the player can use Abilities and weapons, and go through a lot of chaotic challenges till you get to the first place.

SplitScreen multiplayer

play with up to 4 players in a local multiplayer split screen and choose between 6 characters, in a race full of obstacles, and abilities to pick up.

Key Fetures:

  • Rocket Launcher: you can use it to Aim on the Kart you choose in front of you, to get yourself an advantage.
  • Trap-Bombs: you can use it to obstruct the Karts Behind of you.
  • Turbo-Boost: to boost your speed in straight road and also you can use it to drift through hard turns.
  • Collecting Buttons in time through obstacles
  • Chaotic races
  • Chasing and running away from riots

FiberTales: DummyKart

FiberTales: DummyKart


System minimum

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