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Armored Xpress


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Armored Xpress
Armored Xpress

Armored Xpress is a new unique story-driven Match 3 game built with rich RPG elements.

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Armored Xpress Agent 117 and MECH as they set off to deliver a top priority package all while fighting dangerous pirate gangs hired by the villainous “Defiant BOB”,  who by the way has put a bounty on the package. To traverse through Sector 2 a region on the planet Entriga, the Armored Xpress Company felt it necessary to implement a more protective measure. “MECH”  an advanced military grade delivery robot which can be equipped with an array of weapons and items allowing agents to defend against hostile threats. While delivering packages you can choose to help the towns people through various side quests which can unlock special rewards.

In combat Armored Xpress MECH uses energy from supply crates that are matched during play to power its weapons and systems. Weapons are available to fire  at specific power levels with a maximum of 4 levels. You can strategically fire each weapon at will or wait until they are at their maximum level. This strategy allows you to reserve a weapon or unleash all the weapons at once for a truly devastating attack. Each supply crate matched with its corresponding color in groups of 3 fills the matching weapons power gauge. Supply crates matched with more then 3 of the same color generates a special care package crate. When broken these crates drastically boosts the corresponding weapons power gauge. Items and other abilities are powered by MECH’s ability gauge/ABG system which fills over time. Sequential matches in a turn generates a combo which fills the ABG faster allowing you to use abilities sooner.

Story-Driven campaign – Help Agent 117 deliver a top priority package through perilous hostile region.

Active Time Battle system – Actively battle your opponents without waiting.

Fully explorable world – Explore a detailed and engaging 3d world.

Full array of weapons and items– Purchase and equip up to 4 weapons onto MECH. Use restorative, supportive and attack items to your advantage. Equip various accessories for passive abilities.  

Unique Bosses and Enemies – Faceoff against colossal bosses and a host of devious enemies that use different abilities and attack patterns that can be affected by in-game world events.

Experience based leveling system– Earn experience points from battles and quests to level up MECH.

Quality – Armored Xpress is a premium game with no pesky in-app purchases here or ever.

Armored Xpress

Armored Xpress


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