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The Missing Link


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The Missing Link
The Missing Link

The Missing Link

Game available in portuguese and english / jogo disponível em português e inglês.

The Missing Link is a pixel art-style exploration and RPG game with turn-based strategy.

The game tells the comical story of a magical world between humans, fairies and demons. Centuries ago there was a war between the three supreme Gods: Shura (Goddess of creation), Midas (God of balance) and Veigas (God of the end).

The plot revolves around Levi, a young high-class demon who hides great power within him.

Throughout history Levi travels with his group of friends to prevent the great end that approaches the dimension in which they live… The Missing Link…

Get ready to explore this huge world with diverse maps, secrets, side quests/legendary challenges and over 150 different monsters.

In game mechanics:

Key Fetures:

  • 90 collectable cards for the mini-game
  • Legendary weapons and demonic relics forging system
  • Resource collection system
  • 9 playable characters
  • 3 beautiful illustrations for wallpaper
  • 7 original game songs

The Missing Link

The Missing Link


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