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Hungry Dino


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Hungry Dino
Hungry Dino

Hungry Dino is a new look on a long-loved game:

– Complete levels in solo mode and take your way to the top of the leaderboards;

– Play with friends in multiplayer mode up to 8 players and find out who is faster of you;

– Meet many maps and monsters on them;

– Run and hide from evil boss, because it is not so easy to defeat him;

– Lost all health? It doesn’t matter, now you are a predator looking for your defenseless prey;

Goals and capabilities of Dino

– Eat as many tasty treats as possible;

– You can eat monsters that hunt on other players(another color);

– Eat bonuses, because they can help you move towards to victory;

– Eat all food on the map, take more points and won;

Available bonuses

– Power Up – speeds up, also you can eat all monsters and a boss;

– Speed Up – gives acceleration;

– Health – returns one lost life;

– Time – Stops monsters of your color;

Objectives and capabilities of the monster

1) Make bites to defenseless dinosaurs;

2) All bonuses except Power Up can be absorb;

3) Use accelerate to catch up your target;

4) Don’t let dinosaurs eat all the food on the map, get more points and win;

Hungry Dino

Hungry Dino


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